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A young man who earned his allowance as a student at the University of Brussels in the 90s met a famous waffle master Mr.Walter. Influenced by the hard work and honesty of this young man, Walter begins to teach him the finer details of irresistibly delicious waffle products. With time, Walter transferred the delicious recipes he had learned in the bakery founded by his own father in 1903 to the new generations.

When Walter passed away in 2013, the young man who brought Walter's face silhouette to his brand and named his brand "MR.WAFFLE", which will always remind Walter.
Today, these products produced in Turkey in 4000 m2 production facility are exported to many countries all around the world for very reasonable prices.

Strack of Traditional Dutch waffle called Stroopwafel on a dish
Mission & Vision

Tasty Globally!


To win the satisfaction of our customers with its pioneering, different and innovative features as well as competitive prices in the waffle industry in the world.


Adding value to our customers with our products with an environmental and human oriented perspective.